Mixtape, Apollo 13 presents : The Darkest side of the moon

Whattup yall ?

This is Apollo 13, and i got a bit of news on my music coming up …

I am set to release a mixtape by the end of october,  I got a good crew for this one My man Glynn A.K.A The ghost ison production as well as My Man Capital K of Capital K productions. Features from, The champ, sweetz and so many more. I want this to be the hottest mixtape in and outta the streets,  it’s garaunteed to have a track on their for every type of musical taste. I want ya’ll to show me some love and drop a comment in the section positive or negative feedback, it’s all good. I’ll hopefully have a few tracks for yall to preview soon. This mix tape also offers  my raw uncut opinions on many controvercial issues, as well as food for the mind, there will also be some jams to rock to when your’e dubing yourself dowm, ya know what i mean hahahaha

god bless, peace!!!

Apollo 13


Guess who’s Back…

Whattup Fam ?

I’m sorry it’s been a while, at leas a month since my last post. It’s good to be back and i have a lot on the way, im near ready to post a few of my songs, I’m also working on a few film projects which are curremtyl classified, but should be out from under the table soon, i wanna say i’m sorry to all who’ve been checking for me, it;s been a while but I’m back and better than ever, keep looking for me i’m on the come up

Apollo 13

Support Local Artists!!

What’s going on ?

We got a movement going on here in Hali. Us artists are Pushing ourselves to the fullest out here, we are sticking together and putting shows together to get our names out there. Now this can only work if  People in our community  come out and support. Now I dont only mean us ( Me, ritchcraft, kayo, the1coolera etc..) I mean any artists in your area, Props to all the west coast artists that are part of the New west movement and all their supporters. A good example of an area suffering from a lack of majour artists is New York, they used to run the rap game, now most of the community is rocking out to west coast and southern rap. A good example of the community and artists supporting other artists is the South, they got the game on lock at the moment. All in all Support the local artists, look for posters down town come out to events and some day  we will make it!!

God Bless

Apollo 13

I will be gone away all week, but imma come back full force next week, Peace

Youth Stand up!!

Whats going on ?

I just have to touch on a topic that i feel is very important…

I was browsing the mall looking for a new pair of kicks while waiting for my friend to get off work, I went into a store called Geox cause i thought i’d peep some classy shoes and i could not believe the lady that worked there! she had to me the most disrespectful woman i have ever met. As i browsed the store she looked at me like i was a fucking monster   it seemed like she never saw a teen before and she was really  surprised that one wearing baggy pants, an old pair of converse and a nice flashy avirex shirt was in the store in the first place. I tried to play it off and asked her about a pair of shoes and she blatantly said that it was impossible  for  me to afford them she also said i looked raggety and that i should dress tidier !! what the fuck? who is she to say that i looked raggety and that  i cant  afford it. i asked her how she knew  that ? and she said somebody my age wouldnt be able to afford it unless they where a drug dealer, ( bloggers Note: i am not a drug dealer!)  now i was pissed, this lady does not know me and she accuses me of being a drug dealer and says i look raggety ?  i got striaght up in her face and told her  that  her job was to sell me a pair of shoes not comment on my appearance and make false accustaions about ME ( with a few explatives in there 😀 ) I also mentioned that i work at a radio station  and that is how i could affored such an expensive pair of shoes and they where only 110$ thats not too much for quality shoes in my opinion. i told her that  she was being  an asshole and had no respect, i also mentioned that I would never buy a pair of shoes from them and left. To all my youth show them that we are the future, and that we wil not be neglected and disrespected, Rally for your rights. God bless ( yes even that ignorant ass lady)

Youth!! stand up for you’re rights, do not allow people to treat us this way, make a stand!!   Apollo 13

The Situation!!

Whats going on ?

straight up, I have a lot on the go,  and I’m really tired both mentally and physically but  I’m  also really excited!!

I have been putting  a lot of hours in at the studio both producing an audio documentary about youth violence as well as discrimination ( both age-ism and racism) it’s a very informative yet unbiased documentary and when it is completed i’ll post it. I’ve also been busy putting things together for the radio show I’m part of called Youth Now!, It’s a perfect blend of fun, music, and informative and often political discussion. Besides all the work at the station Me and a friend/  my producer have been putting together a free concert  to increase our publicity, it is a free concert and it will include Me, ritchcraft and a few other artists, where doing it independantly so theres  a lot of planning to do. And besides that  Most exciting of all I’m putting together an organization  thats main focus is helping troubled youth, by giving them oppertunity’s to showcase theyre talent and hopefully make money so they dont feel the need to turn to crime for a living. It’s Alot, but its worth getting know and understand the worlds of both music and business at a young age ( 15) and eventually it will ammount to something, God Bless.

Any suggestions for other things that you  believe i should try to get into/ accomplish ? ( please no hatefull ass Comments, Damn!)

That’s whats on the go for me, Apollo 13

I know I can by Nas, This song Brings me right back Up when i feel down i thought i would share 🙂


Whats going on?

I’m sorry its been a day or 2 i’ve been very busy helping put an audio documentary together at the radio station where im currently working. Although i have been busy i havent been busy enough to keep me from rockin out to some new jams! To kick it off the new ” Slaughterhouse” Album is deffinitely off the hook, these 4 dudes ( Crooked i, joell ortiz, joe budden and royce da 5”9) can deffinitely spit, and the album wont dissapoint and is deffinitely worth the money.  I’ve also been kickin it old school and revisiting some classics, in particular Heavy D and Wu- Tang( mostly ghostface) that track ” girls, they love me” by heavy d had me boppin my head for days, and ” forever” by ghostface deffinitely  sets the mood for an… Intimate evening hahaha ( Also see ” lets get it on” by marvin gaye),  ” That shit” by A tribe called quest got me chillin out at the pary, and  ” party and bullshit” by  Biggie had me dancin around actin a fool, damn its good to have a little fun and relaxing time especially with all the work im doin down at the station. Anyway’s just a little post to re-visit some classics  and have a little fun ( which most people really gotta do) but next post will be busines!! God Bless

Apollo 13

Radio Show

Whats going on ?

ya gotta     Tune into my radio show Monday’s at 5:30 -7  its on 88.1 ckdu     if your not in the area tune in online http://ckdu.ca and go to listen online. The shows gonna be Hella tight  dope music and dope discussion also we  have guest Dj R$ Smooth, Damn,  Tune in and give some feed back fam, Show some love call in 494- 2487. Much Love God Bless.

Apollo 13

whats going on ?

It’s Apollo13 Comming with the first Post!!

This Blog’s all about the music as well as a little bit of Fashion/ style tips thrown in for some flavour. To kick it off i’m gonna tell y’all a bit about me and what I’m about. I’m 15 and Hip  Hop’s in my blood, I love to do performances ( Both live rapping and as a radio personality) and i love dressing fresh. I hope to have a career in either the performing arts or further my career in radio, I like to read ( Knowledge is power) and one of my favourite books is the 48 laws of power. My favourite rappers at the moment are Black star, Snoop Dogg, Nipsey Hussle,Slaughter house, Wu tang, cant forget  Nas, Biggie,Pac and outkast . pretty much the usuals for hip hop heads, anything thats fun ( But not stupid IMO )  or has a good message and maybe even some politics thrown in and of course a tight beat i can jam too.  As far as films go Tarantino’s the man, My favourite Flicks are  TheWarriors,  Kill Bill,  Pulp Fiction,  Boyz N  The Hood,   dawn of the deads  hella tight too.  I Got big dreams, and i plan on accomplishing them all! That’s Me Fam, I’m Out For Now, God  Bless!!

Apollo 13

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